At Back & Neck Chiropractic we believe in combining the latest state of the art technology with your chiropractic care.

Myovision surface EMG will take measurements of muscle activity in the spine and highlight areas of abnormal function. Muscles have a tendency to “brace” in response to spinal mis-alignments. These mis-alignments called vertebral subluxations can cause nerve interference which can affect muscles, blood vessels and internal organs.

All patients will receive a Myovision surface EMG scan as part of their initial consultation and there are regular re-scans to check progress.These scans are quick and completely painless. Due to the fact that the equipment does not emit anything harmful, it is perfectly safe to use on everyone, including pregnant women and children.


Your chiropractor will explain the findings to you before you decide to go ahead with any spinal care. Myovision is used as a diagnostic tool in addition to a full case-history and physical neuro-orthopedic examination. You are welcome to visit the Myovision website at for further information and research.

Sometimes, the findings from the initial consultation require further tests to be carried out such as X-Rays. Your chiropractor will refer you for X-Rays if required.

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